1" 8tpi to M33 converter


I have just acquired a 406WL lather which is a very heavy paperweight on my workbench at present.

I own to SK100 chucks used on my old Perform CCBL lathe which I’ve discovered do not fit the 406WL. I have spoken to Ax who do not do any type of converter plate.

I have found the following three advertised on the Internet. Does anyone have any experience/advice re any of the three products.

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Record Power





I have a Charnwood viper 3 chuck and that uses a Charnwood insert and it’s fine.
Charnwood have a good range of inserts and I have just bought one to fit my Axminster SK100 chuck to a Coronet Herald lathe.

The only ‘problem’ I see with the adapters used to convert a small thread to a large thread is that they distance the chuck away from the spindle bearings - which may encourage bearing wear and possibly increase the likelihood of runout.
The best, but expensive, solution is to buy an SK100 with the correct thread. You would then be able to use all your existing jaws etc. (You could include the old chucks in the package when you sell the Perform lathe to recoup some of the upgrade cost.)
It might be possible to get a local engineering company or Club to modify the existing chuck(s), but that could take time and may be more expensive than buying chuck(s), and might not be possible.
Happy turning, Philip.