AC250PT Thicknesser Issue

Hi all,

I have Axminster’s AC250PT planer thicknesser. The thicknesser was working fine until one day it was not.

I can feed wood into it but it goes through it and nothing is done. I’ve noticed that the pressure and drive rollers and lower than the cutter block but about 5mm.

If only one of the rollers was lower or just one side I would expect something went wrong with them but it’s both rollers on each side. I can adjust the pressure of the rollers but it won’t help with the height.

I thought that maybe in that case the cutter block is too high but based on the construction this is impossible.

I had a look at each possibility but I don’t see how I would adjust any of them and align rollers with the cutter block.

Do you have any suggestions? Is it worth contacting Axminster about it?

I went through the manual and adjusting videos but it’s mostly about planer and table leveling.

Hi, the feed rollers are meant to be lower than the cutter block as you mentioned. I’m not sure what your issue is here, can you not adjust the table upwards until material is being removed? A common problem is that the feed rollers are unable to proppel the wood through the machine because, 1, the feed system is disengaged (move the feed lever from its "parked"position), 2, you need to apply wax to the rhicknessing table (the stump of an old candle, clear furniture wax etc) to ease the friction. 3, the drive chains have broken.
Hope this helps,