AC2606B Drive Belt Tensioner fault at 3 months old?

Hi, trying to get some help on this, tried submitting via web 3 times, but Captur seems to be faulty…

We have an Axminster AC2606B Bandsaw, purchased in April 2022 from Warrington, a high ticket item for our hobby set up, but one that we were happy to make given the quality of other Axminster tools we have had.

Today I turned the unit on to make a few small rustic handles for a commission, cutting bay and buddleigha branches less than 1" thick, and after about 3 cuts it started to make a clicking cracking noise. I reset blade position and tension, but the noise persisted.

Investigation revealed it appears to be the drive belt tensioner in the lower unit, which is moving back and forth on its axle with a loud click - see video attached.

As the unit is under warranty and has only had light use can we arrange for someone to come and fit a new drive belt tensioner and get it set up please? We bought the bandsaw for making Native American style flutes, and have made about a dozen, so it has not had heavy use, and I wouldnt expect it to fail after only 3 months. We have outstanding commissions to complete, so a speedfy resolution would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance

Lee and Suzanne Read

Can someone please suggest a way I can get this to the Tech Team as there is no email address I can send it to and the website one seems to be faulty…

Hi, Just to let you know that I had a drive belt tensioner problem, with a slightly different model but I wrote to them, via customer services ( ) and their response was brilliant, they sent a service engineer out within a few days to fix it and they did fix the problem. I hope this helps.


Sounds like a problem that the warranty should sort out for you.
Direct contact with AT via the store or their Customer Service (via the email above) is your best bet. I have always received very good service from them ( but admit to never having had a warranty problem).