AC315PD Pillar Drill

I have an AC315PD pillar drill and when I am trying to cut a hole with a 45mm Forstner Bit the drill stops even with the slightest pressure on the workpiece. Is this to be expected or do I have a fault?t

The material I’m cutting is ply.

You could check out the speed you are using and that the belt is correctly tensioned, but the problem is just as likely to be a lack of power to drive this ‘heavy’ cutter.
Probably best to seek advice from Customer Services (who may well post a response to your question without a direct approach).

I use a 40mm Forstner Bit with that drill and it goes into hardwood - Elm for example - with no trouble. I have the belts on configuration 7 (830 rpm). Best wishes

Thanks for the replies, I will try to tension the belt further to see if that helps.