AC355WL Footprint

I’m shortly going to buy an AC355WL as my entry into turning. I want to build a taylormade bench for it and associated accessories before I do and I wondered if anyone can give me the ideal benchtop size.

I’ve studied the dimensions on the Axminster page (1040x370) and I have to say that 370mm depth looks a bit more than the product images show.

Thanks in advance.

PS Also the centre to bench dimension would be handy to know as well.

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I can’t tell you exactly what measurements but looking at it I would say centre to bench would be around 430mm, as for the bench Peter I would make it a minimum of 6’ x 2’ . Hopefully this helps. Failing that give Axminster a bell I’m sure they would give exact guesstimates.

My first lathe was a AC355WL.
The bench top was 122x55cm made from 25mm MDF. I bolted the lathe to this. The base I made from CLS stud timber (38x89mm) using the Strongtie workbench kit (cheapest on Amazon). The height will depend on your height. The base needs to be heavy. I integrated a shelf on mine and used it to store heavy items. I also found I needed to add horizontal sections to the legs to add to the stability. This is a great starter lathe, but will dance a little at higher rpm with heavy blanks so keep the speed low whilst truing up. Good luck