Ac370WL alignment problem

Recently bought this lathe after owning the smaller Axminster craft lathe (which I loved:-))
Thought I’d completely lost my skills as everything I turned came out crooked, then realised that the swivelling headstock doesn’t return to its straight ahead position properly. Waiting for the alignment tool to come off back order but don’t feel I should have to have a special tool to get the damned thing straight. Any suggestions gratefully received:-)

Unfortunatly this is one of the penalties of owning a swivel headstock lathe. No you do not have to buy a special tool to align the headstock and tailstock, just put a drive centre in the headstock and a fixed or revolving centre in the tailstock slide the tailstock up to the headstock but not quite touching, slaken the headstock clamp and visualy line up the points. The “special” tool as you call it is just a double ended morse taper and it does make the alignement job a little easier.

OK, thanks for your help:-)