adapter for a chuck

I have been given a chuck but unfortunately it does not fit my lathe which is a Thyme Cub is there an adapter I can get so I can use the new chuck .


My first lathe was an AC305WL which had a thread of 1x 8tpi and I had an SK100 chuck. I then bought an AT406WL which was M33x3.5 thread. I bought an adapter from Charnwood so I could use the SK100 on the new lathe. At the time Axminster sold an adapter but the size did not suit my purpose. It depends on the sizes of chuck and lathe.
Hope this is of some assistance

Hi. I too was given a Thyme Cub earlier this year. I got an adapter from Charnwood M30 x 2mm to M33 x 3.5 Their site is down at the moment, but the stock ref was VIPERII the adapter plus p and p was £24.00.

Thanks for that i will have a look at the site.