Adjustable chuck for Mophorn Wood Lathe Mini 550W 1400Rpm

I am new here and to woodturning. I have retired to Spain and looking forward to my new hobby. (I did a tiny bit on the lathe at school when I was 17 and loved it). I seem to have an affinity with wood and “understand” it. I have produced pretty adequate furniture, (tables, toy chest etc) but now want to get “clever”. Lathe router carving etc;

I bought the above lathe on Amazon, and, through experimentation, produced a few simple things. I would like to obtain a four jaw, (???) adjustable chuck but am a bit lost by the number out there! Size, thread pitch and number per inch etc, I THINK I need a 1.25 inch chuck… Arrrrgghhh… HELP!

All advise gratefully received


Hi Glyn,

It seems you would need a 1” x 8 TPI chuck - the Axminster SK100 is a very versatile chuck as you can use the same chuck with different types of jaws.

This chuck package comes with type C dovetail jaws which are a general use jaw, however you are able to use our other jaw types that we do, E.G: pen jaws, type H gripper jaws, etc.

Hope this helps !

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