Advertising - over the top?

Just wondering - is Axminster turning into Amazon/Ebay with the ’ Take a second look’ which pops up every time I look at Facebook. I find it quite irksome.

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Simple answer to that one Alan…don’t look at Facebook :joy: I’ve given up on it now for about a month as it just got progressively more irritating the more I used to use it.

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Trouble is though, Rob, I keep in contact with lots of my followers via my ‘Alan Miller Guitars’ page where I upload lots of images of the current instrument I am making so Facebook is quite useful!

I used to do that on my ‘Wilton Woodwork’ page but FB in it’s entirety has just become nauseating. I now exclusively use Instagram which is much better. Not perfick as there’s still the ads, but better and you can still have people following what you make.

Hi Rob - hit Instagram big time this evening - organised by my savvy daughter. Thanks for the suggestion.

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No problemo Alan, I’ll have a look for you on Insta. Find me as well as ‘Woodbloke52’

Simples…just ‘unfollow’ on FB…