Advice on how to level the Cutter Head on a CT-330

Hi Folks. I’m new to this forum because I just bought an Axminster thicknesser 2nd hand. I’m pretty good at working stuff out so shouldn’t need telling 10 times, but it can happen. Anyway, I needed to replace the cogs that lowers the cutter-head because a couple of teeth had gone on one side. It would seem to me that if one side was jumping teeth then the other side would end up lower. I checked in the pdf manual for the machine and in the Troubleshooting section it simply says that to correct uneven depth of cut side to side, I just need to level the cutter-head to the table.

So how would I do that? By removing the shaft underneath the machine which connects the 2 threaded studs which lower the head and then just winding each side down keeping them as even as possible? Or am I stupidly missing something?

I’m quite a way through a pretty big restoration of an old property in Spain. I used to use an old Kity planer thicknesser but I couldn’t get parts any more. Maybe I can address where I might have bearings or a pulley made for that lovely old machine in another post.

Thanks for reading my post and good luck to you with your projects.


Did you ever fix this issue @nsr1 ? Sorry to state the obvious but is the thicknesser cutting uneven?

I think as you describe (winding each side) would help as well as using a gauge like this?