Advise (re-boot) needed!

Hi ‘all’.

I just moved home and hence workshop, in the interim my brain obviously needs a re-boot, I have a AT1628VS Woodturning Lathe and on mounting the tail stock, I find turning the handle does nothing!!

There is no lateral movement (in-out)??

Am I missing something??

My revolving centres doesn’t seem to seat into the taper either.

Await with hope…

Bizarre…I have the same lathe (and a cracking bit of kit it is too) Seems to me that the internal thread(s) may not be engaging for movement. Something sounds not quite right though in the tailstock set up?

Thanks Rob, but what if anything do you suggest?

I’ve been back in the shop and stripped down the tail stock, I’ll attach a few photo’s so if anyone who knows how these things are put together can hazard a guess, I’d say somewhere ‘in-transit’ this has been sm3acked/dropped… there is no sign of any impact but my guess is that a bearing of some sort has jammed? inside, So! anyone with knowledge, if I were to tap! hit the mechanism to free it, which direction should it be done??
The centres 'don’t fit into the end to seat, but bottom out too soon!!

Oops I cant attach photo/s (plural) so hope my description helps!!

I’d give the Ax techies a ring as they’re bound to be able to sort out the issue.

It’s now in hand with the ‘Techies’; as Rob says, “something sounds not quite right”!!

Not many people seem to be using this platform, I’ve found that the case on many web sites, especially ‘you tube’ where people/organisations have the platform but don’t ever reply, Triton and Shaper are two that NEVER read comments, let alone reply. This can be a terrific medium for sharing knowledge etc but it seems most only do so to get free tools and stuff by posting/advertising.

Come on people if you read postings, just say something, even if you don’t have a specific answer/advice to give, just say hello like in any other community neighbourhood.

Good to see it’s with the techies Barry, as it’s something which to me seems quite difficult to fathom, 'specially using this new fangled t’interweb thingie.
I also agree 100% with your view on how potential users simply don’t/will not/ can’t be arsed or any one of a multitude of other reasons for not making a contribution.
As we experienced some time ago, using this medium presents it’s own peculiar foibles which are sometimes difficult to resolve, but that to me is no reason not to continue using it. It is a great resource for the exchange of ideas and information…folks just need to embrace it. Onwards and upwards!

Hi Rob, seems like its just you and I here, but luckily Josh form Ax staff has taken up the baton, and is hopefully trying to find me a solution, but unfortunately if I’ve read the situ correctly, Ax don’t keep spare parts, this situation is something I feel is tragically lacking for any company that either manufacture kit or have it made with their logo: It should be beholden of them to ensure the lifetime of the machine with a freely available parts stock.

I don’t even know if ‘quills’ are ‘standardised’, and I suppose NOT! nothing much else seems to be!

Well, this didn’t attract much in the way of feedback, so I thought I’d just update:
I thought the guarantee on ‘Trade tools’ was 5yrs, but is alas just 3yrs, so I’m out of time there, but Josh (Ax) has found an item number, just a shame the (Ax) system won’t find it, so I have no idea what the bill might be?
I’ll try and return it for someone to have a look at, but presume they will just say “order another”! :sob:

I’m glad however that it wasn’t my brain that needed a re-boot, it wasn’t something I was missing, just a faulty component…

I’ve just clicked on a ‘Trade’ item and you’re correct, it is three years; it’s the ‘other’ company who market green gear that offer the 5 year guarantee. I hope you can get the lathe sorted as at least you now know the item number and if you could get the faulty tailstock back to Axminster, it would certainly help.

Hi Rob, and anyone else who drops by: The new part is almost cheaper than the hourly repair rate, so I’ve ordered a new quill set.

Over on the ‘extraction thread’ I’ll give an update of where I am with that.


Sounds like a plan Barry…

Fantastic !! My ‘quill set’ arrived this morning, such fast delivery, BUT the two components don’t fit together.

The screw only travels about a quarter of the distance and binds!!
I assume these are from China or the like, and aren’t quality checked! Such an easy job to screw one into the other ‘before shipping’ in a sealed bag!

I can now see that there is no ‘bearing’ involved, so still cant figure how the old parts are jammed together.

Have informed Ax and await reply.

Thats done it!! :blush::blush::blush:
It was presumably just a burr on the barrel thread, and assembling and using the threads against one another cleared it. The wheel now moves better than it ever has…

I did have a slight problem in that I had to install the barrel then thread the rod through from the tail end to re-cut the thread, and when it came to remove the barrel to install the rod the right side of the tail stock, it was stuck!! A gentle rubber hammer tap did that job.
All is bow well and this thread along with the burred one, is now DEAD.

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Glad to hear that Ax came up a winner and you got a result!