Amp draw on these tools

Hi there community I’m getting a sparky in to wire additional sockets in my new little workshop.

I have the at254lts table saw and going to get the ac153e dust detractor

Does anyone know where to read off the amps and surge on these tools so I can forward onto the electrician.

Many thanks in advance

For the average power consumption take the power in kW in the specification multiply by 1000 & divide by 230 Volts. You need to allow for the power factor as well so divide the result by about 0.7 as both will have induction motors and probably no power factor correction.

Not sure about the surge current but since the saw is fitted with a 13Amp plug it is unlikely to exceed 13A.

The supply MCBs need to be rated for motor starting but your electrician should understand that as well as the calculation above.