Anyone got the new Axminster Catalogue yet?

I requested a catalogue ages ago but not received it yet. The catalogue page says “available October”. Seems some have received it already (pics found online):


Anyone got theirs yet?

Nothing here.

I was aware of the distribution date being Oct, but wasn’t aware some had theirs already!

Is that favouritism?

Axminster, please don’t alienate you customer base :rage:

I heard they are being posted out this week - New Trade Table Saw is there. Can’t wait.

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Nope…nothing here yet either…:disappointed:

Hi all

Thank you for your patience. Copies of our new catalogue will be despatched to all customers that have requested a copy and available in-store from Monday 15th October!



Also the images you have found are staff copies. We have not sent any new catalogues out to our customers yet.

no still waiting looking forward to it

My son has just brought me the new catalogue, it doesn’t look as thick as I remember the old ones being but I’m enjoying looking through it once again.

Mine arrived via RM today, and yes it’s thinner.

Actually two arrived yesterday (18/10/18) for me.:blush:

It may be that the paper is slightly thinner; there are still 320 pages of goodies to browse so it’s not too shabby.

Hi again “Woodbloke”

Not sure what you compared, but my last 'full catalogue’, issue 15 (2015) had 626 pages, this new issue hasn’t an issue number that I can see but as you say has 321 pages; Somewhat shrunk and that means you’ll still need to go on-line to find things.

What I and many others (I assume) like with a ‘full’ catalogue, is finding things you never knew you needed !!

Abi please note: :grinning: that puts sales up!!

Ooh…got two now, one from Axminster and another one with in with my woodworker magazine…

Yes I confirm what Barry says. The latest catalogue is roughly half the size of the previous version. Mostly all Axminster exclusive brands but still enough to drool over!

Just come back from a long trip so catching up on the ’ Axgoings on’. Always the case with these sorts of publications (finding stuff you never knew you ‘needed’) but an interesting if unnecessary read…good for perusal in the smallest room though :joy: For my spondulics, the web site is still much better as I only look for stuff that I do actually need, rather than stuff that I might (the caveat being goodies to go under the Christmas tree) need.

Merry Christmas Rob. Hope whatever is “under your tree” proves to be useful. :wink:

Merry Christmas to you as well Barry. My 'shop is jammed to the rafters with gear so it’s getting a bit tricky to pick out stuff that’s useful, but I could definitely do with one of those nice, dead flat Veritas squares. That really was the only tool type thingie on my Wish List this year.