Ap200srg grinder

I just purchased an AP200SRG grinder and fitted an CBN wheel. The problem I am having is the inner edge is really close to inner guard and the wheel isn’t centre like the original is this normal or does it need an spacer

Does it have a direction indicator on the wheel? If so, (and you have it rotating in the right direction), would it make any difference if you mounted it on the right hand side? I’m thinking that the mounting flange may be manufactured slightly off-centre.
If there is no direction indicator try turning it 180 degrees to see if it moves it away from the casing.

I bought some time ago an AC200 WSG grinder and I bought a CBN wheel for it. I am no expert but my understanding is the guard is there for aluminium oxide wheels as they can “explode” due to their construction, again my understanding is CBN wheels won’t “explode”. I therefore removed the guard and this may resolve your problem. I stand to be corrected by someone with more knowledge. Most YouTube videos I seen with grinders with CBN wheels show no guard. I must add I don’t use the Axminster rest I bought the Tormek BGK 400 set plus a Tormek rest

Whilst there is little risk of a CBN wheel ‘exploding’ you must consider the risks, to yourself and others in your workshop, associated with leaving an unguarded wheel rotating at speed when you have finished using it.
Dispensing with the guard will also be removing the facility to ‘contain’ the material removed from the tool you are sharpening. Such debris will be hot - so there is a fire risk to be considered.

Conny’s suggestion that you mount the wheel the other way round or at the other end of the grinder, whilst retaining the guarding, may be a better/safer solution.
Happy sharpening. Philip.

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Thanks for the advice I looked at the wheel and there is no arrow for direction so tried flipping it and no difference. I contacted Axminster where I bought grinder and wheel they said they would set one up with the same wheel I see what’s what but haven’t heard anything yet. The system is working fine