Appalling Tormek Promotion!

The current promotion for Tormek has just leapt onto my InstagG feed, whereupon it shows a chisel being sharpened on the bevel side; all well and good. It then goes on to show the same chisel now having the burr on the flat side (or back) removed using the leather wheel.
This is really, REALLY bad practice as eventually the back of the chisel will become rounded and the tool is then only fit for opening tins of paint unless the unfortunate user wants to spend hours making the back flat again.
Much as I love my Tormek (and I have a coarse diamond wheel for my T7) this is one of worst promotional clips I’ve seen in a long time.

Hi @Woodbloke - how are you meant to remove the burr on the back? Genuine question. Do Tormek not recommend this practice?

The leather honing wheel will very rapidly cause the back of a chisel to become rounded, thus making it effectively useless. The way to remove the burr and keep the back flat is to place it on a flat, fine diamond stone (or similar, as long as it’s dead flat), apply pressure to the back and move it across the surface a few times until the burr has been removed. Standard honing procedure in any furniture maker’s workshop.