At260spt table alignment

Got a new spiral planner/thicknesser which has been working fine for about 5months.

I noticed that the planer wasn’t cutting square so I checked the in-feed and out feed levels.
These’s we’re both out by a few mm which I adjusted back to level but after doing this the 0 point for the in-feed needed adjusting. Once I did this the out feed and in-feed tables weren’t level to each other so I used a straight edge to adjust them.

Now the out feed is approx. 5/6mm out to the cutting block.

Now every time I adjust something I can’t get it back right. :disappointed:

I decided to 0 everything and start again but once I did that I couldn’t get the tables to line back up with the cutting block. The out feed is at the lowest point and still to 3/4 mm away from the spiral cutter but everything else is level

I really do not know what to do
Any help would be much appreciated?

If you haven’t managed to sort out the alignment yet I would suggest you ask Axminster Customer Services for assistance. I have always found them very helpful.