AW10BSB2 cabinet saw

Hi. can anyone tell me the depth of the table (slot length/fence width!) without rails etc, as I’m contemplating a system with an Incra fence.

Reports say the default fence is difficult to move/adjust and the yank system looks way better anyway.

Thanks Barry

I agree Barry…I watched a YouTube video recently on the incra fence and fitting it, and it’s seems a really good piece of kit…

I bought the extension table kit when I purchased the Axminster hobby table saw recently, so it came with a longer slide and measuring tape into which the fence fits…unfortunately there is no micro adjustment though…and the extension table (welded steel) is pretty poor…it bows in the centre due to the tack welding being crap…so is impossible to level accurately to the cast steel table of the saw with spending a lot of time working on it…so I beat it down with a compound mallet as best I could…which I didn’t expect to have to do, but at least the fence slides smoothly now, and does not catch the hump like it did before…generally for the price I was pretty disappointed with it…there were other issues to, like aligning the sliding table…and as soon as you move the table it immediately looses it level again…so just removed it…

Hi Stu.

Would you measure for me? I need to know the front to back measurement of the cast iron table, as Incra system has limitations as to fit and won’t fit some tables I’ve looked at and nobody from Ax has answered my initial question. I’m also looking a a Charnwood version W629, their 650 is too deep!!
Incra is 28” or 712mm, to accommodate a router table!
Charnwood might just win out, with your problems with the AW table!

Thanks in advance.

Hi, Barry… what exactly do you want me to measure? The front to back of the cast iron Axminster hobby table saw…?

Thanks Stu.

Yes, if you see my original text, it’s depth of the table (slot length/fence depth!) without rails etc, as I’m contemplating fitting an Incra fence. Also whether the front and back edges are deep enough and vertical to bolt the Incra rails to! Hope that makes sense!!

Woodbloke has replied advising stay clear of ‘Charnwood’, but his saw may have been older model so no recent feedback!


Hi, Barry…

I’ll get some measurements and photos…to make life easier and upload them for you OK…


I believe were talking about different kit, the two cabinet saws currently available are AW10 and AW12, and on closer examination both are again 16amp.
your TS200 is a table saw, not exactly capable of supporting the rails for an INCRA system, I think…

This thread was regarding the AW10BSB2
Thanks anyway.

No problem…I did actually ask what you wanted measured mate…lol…

Cheers Stu.

If you see the start of this thread, that’s when I asked for details of the ‘AW10BS2’.

Again, no worries, we’re all just trying to help each other where we can!
Threads can get moved well away from their original purpose, as seen lots elsewhere on here!!


have you got it all sorted now Barry? :+1:

Actually barry I could do with advice…do you have any experience of using a hollow live centre and long hole boring kit?.. I’ve seen the Axminster bits but they seem quite pricey compared to the Record Power kit, which is in effect the same set-up, but with a gouge as opposed to the axminster long hole bore, which is in effect a drill…

I’m thinking of getting a set-up so I can try my hand at turning lamp standards and table lamps…any thoughts?

Cheers Stu

Hi Stu.

Sorry, I’ve never given that a try.


Cheers Barry…no shakes…I’ll just have to investigate further…