Axminster ac216ts

I bought the ac216ts saw last year and recently discovered the mitre slots are smaller than the 19mm is there a fix for this, also when setting the rip fence and pushing down on the locking lever it moves the fence slightly to the right at the far end of the fence by aprox 1mm are there any tips out there for me from people who know far more than me, any help would be much appreciated

Good afternoon Mike. I have a AT254 table saw and after some use I discovered the same thing. I think it may be due to the Teflon guides wear with use and create some play in the fence guide rail. I got into the habit of moving the fence close to where I want it then use the fine adjustment knob to put where I want it. When using the find adjustment I push it against the rail to square it to table. Also if you have an extension table make sure it is exactly in line with the main table. If it isn’t it can angle the guide rail. I make sure the locking nut on opposite end of the fence is as tight as it can be without restricting the movement of the fence.

Hi fletch, the ac216ts has a different style fence system than yours as it only clamps itself on the front rail and has no fine adjustment knob, i must be honest though i will just put a piece of tape on the side of clamp to counteract it, overall im pleased with the saw and really pleased with axminster customer services they have been brilliant