Axminster ac254ts rise and fall

Hello world ,

Anyone here own the Axminster AC254TS ,

Please can you tell me how your rise and fall is .I have had two now and both seem broken ,Really stiff when rising ,And when blade is down there seems to be a lot of movement on the wheel like one quarter turn before it starts to engage and blade starts to come up ,But not only that seem locked jammed before moving . So I am not happy bunny ,I mean sawping out for a replacement is to much like hard work 14 stone is not fun .

Here is a video showing the movement Axminster AC254TS rise and fall seems broken

I have a AT254SB and the rise and fall is smooth and solid. Very little play between the handle and mechanism. Could be the AC and AT saws have a completely different mechanism.

I own many Axminster tools, And none have been perfect out of the box ,All of them needed some tweaking to make they work correctly ,However the AC254TS that I sent back, Axminster are saying it’s fine there is nothing wrong with it ,Which I find very sad for a saw that cost a grand and the rise is stiff and very hard to turn the wheel yet they say there is nothing wrong with it ,Hmm makes me wonder about there QA passes , I had high hopes for this saw ,My old dewalt 745 I could rise the blade with one finger thats good the rise was on that one ,This one you start to turn the wheel and gets stuck and start again ,I think it has something to do with the fast lift of the blade where as the dewalt had slow blade lift . Oh well the saw as a lot of power but I am not a happy bunny, And I can’t get AT254SB because its way to bigger due to how hard it is to big tools to work shop .where I live sadly .

Have you released the lock knob in the centre of the handwheel? I have this saw and both blade height and tilt controls are super smooth. The height control is a worm and pinion gear system which is very robust

Yeah it’s all fixed now was just stiff at the start abit of WD40 and all is good .