Axminster AC305WL - Speed failure


I have Axminster AC305WL, which was working petty well until now when it started to run on maximum speed. Adjusting it with potentiometer doesn’t change anything.

I have checked voltage on it and potentiometer works perfectly fine.

Not sure where the problem is and how to reduce the speed.



From past experiences I don’t think it’s good news. You may need a new control box if not under guarantee. You may know some electronic person who could possibly repair it for you if it is indeed repairable.

It might be worth give the techs a ring at Axminster, they may be able to help

Same thing happened to me. It happened after I sold my larger lathe and tried turning similar items on this smaller lathe. I suspect I overloaded the speed controller, after that I couldn’t reduce the speed from maximum. Bought a new control box from Axminster, now I take care not to take too heavy a cut. Works fine now.