Axminster AT350WL lathe

Hi All
I have just purchased the Axminster AT350WL lathe, which I’m loving. However I notice that the Banjo (tool rest holder) won’t go all the way along the bed of the lathe to the headstock. The bolt, which secures the Banjo hits the top of the motor so this means that when turning short pieces between centres the Banjo stops the tailstock getting close unless the quill is wound out at least 2 inches.
Does anyone know if this just a feature of this machine or a fault, which can be corrected?

Hi Mike.
I looked at this lathe in store today. The clearance is small but not an interference.
You could check that the belt is correctly tensioned (if it is slack the motor will be higher than it should be).
If that fails, I believe there is a fault and suggest you contact your local store (if you bought it from them) or Customer Services if you bought online. I’m sure the Company will sort it out for you.
Happy turning, Philip.

Thanks Phil
I have been in touch with Axminster and they knew about the problem. I have been putting the belt under extra tension overnight and managed to stretch the belt a little, which seems to have solved the problem but I was concerned that it’s not good for the bearings in the long run. However, Darren, at Axminster has sourced a slightly longer belt, which I can fit if I deem necessary.
Thanks once again for your support. It’s much appreciated.

Hi Mike.
Good to hear that you have sorted the problem.
Happy turning, Phil.