Axminster AWVSL lathe

Hi i ordered a new head-stock spindle for my lathe back at the beginning of December and now in the middle of February i am still waiting for my spindle i am disabled and my lathe is all i have and can’t afford to replace it so i am stuck with it and very disappointed with Axminster Tools

Hi Allan, I’m really surprised as I just received a tail quill in double quick time. Perhaps you need to call and talk to the Techies and ascertain if this item is in stock?

Perhaps just like most things, if you’re not kept informed you’re more annoyed, so knowing why it hasn’t arrived might help??


Wot Barry said. Ax are usually pretty much on the ball (or the flat!), so I suggest you get on the dog n’bone and speak to the techies to find out from a real human being (they do exist at Ax) what the situation is.

Hi sorry did not explain very well the item was not in stock but come on 3 months is a bit long to wait for a part i have normally had great service from Axminster

It’s very frustrating Allan, but the item in question would have to be shipped from either Taiwan or China, always assuming that the part you’re seeking is in stock in the Far East to begin with. Add to that a six week delay in the container ship’s voyage to the UK and other possible delays along the line and you can see how the logistics issue is quite tricky.
That said, Ax appear to be falling short in this instance by not keeping you completely in the picture about the progress of the replacement part for your lathe.

Hi i had no idea these parts come from Asia

Yes Axminster should be much better at keeping the customer informed. Can appreciate your frustration @Allan_Macleod but like @Woodbloke says there are reasons. Many other retailers will give you constant updates after purchase and even the possibility to cancel if delay continues/gets longer.

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