Axminster BV30M lathe manual

Hi all, can anyone point me in the right direction to obtain a manual for an Axminster BV30M lathe?
Thanks Roy

Try contacting Axminster Tools Customer Services, they’ve always been very helpful when I’ve needed spare parts for my old Axminster machines for parts and documentation. A link to this can be found in the header to this page.

The BV20 was discontinued many years ago, I doubt Axminster would have a copy now?
I did have an PDF file of it somewhere, if I can find it I’ll let you know on this forum.

Hi, that would be amazing if you do manage to find the manual.
Regards Roy

I’ve found it.

Edit: See my post below.

I’ve uploaded it for you.

manual_bv20m.pdf (957.3 KB)

Thanks Bill, that’s amazing.

No problem, glad to help. I’ve had that file for years, just lucky I could still find it!

Be aware that at least one of the thread change wheel settings on the Lathe is wrong - I found out the hard way. The settings in the manual seem ok but I’ve not checked many.

My Perform CCBB bandsaw is probably 20+ years old and Axminster Tools managed to send me a pdf file of the workshop manual and some replacement spare parts. So never rule them out.