Axminster Craft AC1400B Bandsaw

just wondering if anyone out there had any experience with Axminster Craft AC1400B Bandsaw
just got mine today ,not sure if mine is faulty or not but I have spent near 5hr’s setting this up, followed the instructions to the tee but still the dam blade keeps coming off the top wheel .does not make no difference how you adjust it after 5 mins use it comes off the top wheel. could i get any help on this pls just can’t see where am going wrong or is it the machine it self at fault.i do all the tension’s etc to the book, free spin it all seems ok. turn power on to test on wood only 19mm plywood runs ok for 5mins and then cling blade off the top wheel.

Hi Chilldog.

Not sure if you’re aware, but Ax staff don’t seem to regularly monitor this media, even in ‘normal’ times, so if there is anyone home ? I suggest you ring the help lines, rather than just await a “users” assistance.
Good luck anyway.

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