Axminster Craft AC16BM Morticer

I recently bougth the small bench top morticer and want to share my opinion about.

Now that I have reworked the typical issues with such China made machines on the component fabrication and mainly assembly, I can say it works well. I use the Axm. supplied Japanese 16mm chisel which is the max. drill capacity and it works fine with less feeding force required than I had expected.

But I have to say the way to come to that state makes the difference. All in all I see it as a set of castings. And I do not think the machine - in its delivery state - will provide the same satisfaction to people that do not have the same rework and machining options that I do.

First of all the cast is relatively soft, the guideways are covered with paint, chips and smeary stuff and the guides are not machined properly. The guides and shafts for operating X,Y,Z have massive play. The shaft for X is made of two parts to save shipping volume and is extremly wobbly. The gibs are made of any rough cut steel and do not do their job. When changing the power chord to a EU version all crimping bushes came off.

So what I did is boring out the circular bearing positions, put in large brass slide bushes to come to 0,01 fit, made new 1-piece shaft for X, made 3 brass gibs, machined all guides of the castings, put in oil-grooves, made correct crimpings and finally did a correct assembly using gauges.

Now it is how I expect such a machine to be. I know it is cheap and you get what you pay, but my little means would not have exceeded the mill cost for more than 5€.