Axminster Nomenclature

Hi All,
New to this forum, but there’s something I’ve wondered about for a long time.

I’ve purchased many tools and machines from Axminster over the years, but several years ago they did a budget range of machines badged under the Perform range, I have two - a lathe and bandsaw. Now both are admirable but very basic pieces of kit and I still use them extensively, but the names Axminster designated to them has always bothered me, let me explain:
Bandsaw - Perform CCBB
Lathe - Perform CCBL
Fairly obviously the last letter refers to the machine type, now I’m guessing the second to last letter refers to the machine size (both of mine were the largest in the range) - BIG
But the only conclusion I can come up with for the first two letters is…“Cheap’n Cheerful”.
So CCBB means cheap’n cheerful big bandsaw.
Can somebody please tell me I’m wrong.

Chris J