Axminster PS315 230V Tablesaw power issue

Hi all

This is my first post and want to say hi to all first.

Ok I purchased a Axminster PS315 230V Tablesaw and it wont stay on unless I hold the contractor switch in, does anyone have any idea why it would be doing this??

Also does anyone know where I can get hold of the wiring diagram for this machine.

Thanks in advance

Hi, Chris…
Don’t you have the manual? If you do see pages 31 and 32… I note in setting up the machine, after testing the stop and emergency stop buttons etc, the manual says the machine must be disconnected from the power each time…there may be some form of device that prevents a restart if this is not done… also I note there is a micro-switch in the machine that obviously needs to be correctly positioned to make (depressed contact) for the machine to operate… there is also a wiring diagram at the rear of the manual. A copy of the manual can be see, and/or downloaded from the Axminster site, by putting the machine reference code (PS315) into the search box on the Axminster web site…just click on the specs for the machine, specifically where it says ‘See More’… if you can get the answers you need from this info, I suggest you contact Axminster directly for advice…


I have fitted a new contractot unit and about to add a new switch as well, trying to eliminate issues but i would wondering if anyone has any pictures they could take of the wiring into the contractor and the switch and i can then make sure that wires are all the correct positions.

this is a 2nd user unit and i know they have tried to change things and just wanting to make sure they put everything is the right place.

thanks in advance