Axminster Screw Chuck & Jaws FOR SALE

Anyone interested in a Ax screw chuck, some jaws and a couple of tools? Used on my VS1628 lathe and SK114 chuck. Prices includes p&p; will post part numbers of any interest - Rob

Maybe. What are the jaws?

The screw chuck is 910475 + a medium screw, Type ‘C’ 100mm jaws 410161, Type ‘D’ 410164 jaws, 100mm O’Donnell Jaw Sets 718321. A dovetail scraper tool 510125 and a Mini-Revolution Hollowing Tool (with instructions) 506382 which I bought from Mark Sanger. I’ve extended the handle as the original was a bit short. Allan bolts supplied with all the jaws etc - Rob

The ‘D’ and O’Donnell jaws might be of interest. I’ll send you a PM.

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