Axminster Trade AT1854BV

Hello i have the AT1854BV bandsaw and im trying to set it up correctly.
Im finding that the left hand bearing guide is always touching the blade unless i completely slacken off the blade (way to slack too run).
Am i missing something really obvious?
Thanks for any tips.

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Hi Zac

I’ve checked with a member of our product development team and there should be enough sideways adjustment in the guide bearings. To adjust you loosen the hex bolt A and using a suitable screwdriver rotate B to set the side bearings. When set tighten A. If there isn’t sufficient adjustment, the top guide mounting plate can be moved slightly to relieve the bearing from the blade. However, he would advise against using this adjustment if at all possible as it may upset how the top guide follows the blade when adjusted for height.

Below are some pictures. Hope this helps!