Axminster Trade Series AT1628 lathe available

With reference to my previous post. My Brother-in Law has died and left us with a lot of woodturning tools which we have to dispose of. The largest of these being this lathe. He had it for a matter of months so it is still in very good condition. Because of the specialised nature of the machine I was wondering if anyone on this forum might be interested in buying it? I am at a bit of a loss to know where else to try. If anyone is interested, or knows someone who might be, I can be contacted on 01626 889377 or 07546 142685. There are also several unused chucks etc available.

If you don’t have any joy on the forum, I suggest that you try contacting the Woodturning Club local to the area in which your brother-in-law lived (or where the lathe is now situated) as they may have member ready for an upgrade to this size/quality of machine. If they don’t, they may be able to advise on how to ‘spread the net’ without venturing onto Gumtree or eBay.

Thank you philcycle. I will give things a while on the forum and will then follow your idea.


Hi, might I ask whereabouts your relative lives?
That might affect whether anyone might be interested if it’s a big beast - which your posting implies.
What else do you have to sell?
I have a couple of friends who are seeking to set up a new Men’s Shed in Birmingham and are looking for tools and equipment, so depending on where and what, they could well be interested.
Dave R.

Hello Dave R. I am afraid we are down here in Dawlish, Devon. Yes, it is a big beast and but we moved it to the storage site in a VW Transporter so it’s not impossible. We also have a collection of new woodturning gouges and chisels available. We have listed these and are happy to forward the list on.


As the machine is now in storage may I suggest that you ensure that it will not deteriorate (rust) by coating all the exposed metal surfaces with grease/oil/wax. Corrosion will damage the machine and reduce its value.
Hope that you soon have a buyer for this excellent machine.