Axminster Trade Series PS315 Panel Saw

Hi All,

So I am at a point where I am close from buying a table saw, and I am interested in a sliding table saw or panel saw.

So I did some research about the PS315 but there were no topics online about the saw. On the product page the reviews said that the saw had a problem with aligning the sliding table to the saw due to some sort of a twist or warps on the cast iron top that makes alignment almost impossible.

I just want to know if anyone had bought the saw and had any issues with it. I am not in the UK and if I place the order then it would be very difficult and expensive to send the saw back if it had any issues.


We’re in the same boat! I’m trying to decide whether to get a cabinet saw and bolt on an ‘Incra” LS setup; or go with a cabinet and a Beisemeyer fence: Rumour has it, Axminster are just about to unveil some new kit!

Not many take part in these ‘discussions’ as you’ll have seem, shame really.

Let us know what you decide, it may help others with their decisions later!

Hey Barry,

Thanks for the reply. And yes I noticed that only few take part in this forum.

About my decision:
I really wanted to get a sliding table saw. They are expensive except for this one which was within my budget range. However, since I am not in the UK having to ship the saw with any manufacturing defects means a 4-5 montha until i have my hands on a working unit. It takes two months for the saw to come from UK to here. Another 2-3 to replace.

So i went with a cabinet table saw because its coming from the manufacturers of Grizzly Table saws which is in china and i know they are good, and because it has less moving parts so it means once i set it up i wont have to worry about it going out of alignment or things like that.

I will definitely one day buy this panel saw but the business has to pick up to justify having both.

I got from Axminster many other machines, but not the saw this time.

Agree completely about those participating in on-line discussions even though the evidence from the last competition showed that there are a LOT of folk who look.
Tablesaurs for me are a contentious issue. I’ve owned two, the first being a proper, French made Kity 419 back in the day when Ax sold such stuff. It wasn’t bad, but ultimately too small and not particularly accurate. The next one I had was a larger Charnwood which was appalling! Not only was it inaccurate but the saw blade bearings clapped out after a month. By far the biggest fault though, is the space they take up in a smallish workshop (mine is 20’x12’ in old money) Even a small one (with extension tables) uses up an inordinate amount of floor space, so I decided long ago that bandsaws are the way forward. I have two, a small BS11 (superb!) for everyday smallish cutting and a big SBW3501H3 for heavier work like deep sawing veneers.

Once you organise the way you work, a combination of an accurate shooting board (used ALL the time) and the bandsaws mean that 'shop space is used far more effectively and where once the tablesaurs sat unloved, there’s now I much better, very large, cast iron Ax router table which I find absolutely indispensable.