Axminster Workshop AW205WL Woodturning Lathe - 230V

Does anyone know what drill chuck attachment i can get with the Axminster Workshop AW205WL Woodturning Lathe - 230V?

You’ll need to check if it’s the right size but I couldn’t get one through Axminster for my AW355WL lathe and bought one via Amazon. Try searching using:

Drill Chuck MT2, Key Type Drill Chuck MT2 Connecting Rods 1-13 mm Capacity Carbide MT2-B16 Arbor Key Drill Chuck Mini Rotary Tool for Centering, Drilling, Tapping, Reaming Operation

Used it a lot and it’s been great.


According to the Axminster site the AW205WL has a number 1 Morse Taper in both the headstock and tail stock. Unless is has a “short” taper in the tail stock, any MT1 equipped drill chuck should fit.
Axminster sell a chuck with a MT1 arbor:

Thanks guys ill check these out.

Hi Chris - Not a lot of use wasting time checking out the 2MT chuck suggested by PaulB - it will not fit your 1MT spindle/quill. If you don’t want to buy the one from AT, search for a 1MT chuck.
Happy turning, Philip.