Bandsaw blade guides

Hi All.
I have a Record BS400 and have until recently only ever made rough cuts, supporting my turning: Now however I would like more precision, and find that the standard guides are out of alignment.
The top mechanism doesn’t appear to be set at 45 to the blade and the top side guides therefore toe in at the back on one side and the front on the other, and so guide the blade into the workpiece.

I’ve been through the “Snodgrass” method and can’t make it any better, SO, Question. Does anyone know of an upgrade guide set or any method of curing the slant? Hope this all makes some sort of sense!!

Hi Barry.
If following the ‘official’ method of guide setting is not giving you the accuracy you require I suggest that you approach Record Power with your problem. I have found their Customer Service department very helpful when I have needed advice on my RP equipment.
(I would note that accuracy and bandsaw are not usually considered mutually compatible.)
Hope you get it sorted to your satisfaction.

Thanks Philip, That’s in hand with Record,
I just like to get a “spread” view, and not just at the manufacturers!
When Mr Snodgrass cuts, the blade stays straight, with the guides set “just so” but with toe in/out any pressure seems to guide the blade away from line. With guides not running parallel to the blade, it’s never going to run true?

All: Sorted! the Record Power people answered the call and provided the solution: You need to be very dextrous and have all sizes of Allen keys available, the raise/lower mechanism holds the blade guides and “should” be adjusted correctly initially: Mine weren’t, a complete strip down and clean and things become more obvious; there are four grub screws (Allen heads) which control left/right, back/fore, but these aren’t obvious, and hide behind the raise lower mech.
No guide upgrade necessary!! no money spent. ;-))

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This may help - it shows the guides below the table too.

Thanks David, I do watch Nick but wasn’t aware of that video: cheers.

That particular “Record” guy mentions in passing, the “Snodgrass” method, which tracks the gullet centrally on the wheel rather than the blade centre!

They never mention the problem I had, which was the top bearings not being true to the blade, and if the rise/fall post isn’t adjusted, puts the guide bearings toe in/out. It’s a very fiddly task and I found the adjustment grub screws weren’t tight, and not supporting any adjustment.
So many Allen screw sizes…and even lengths required…

Again thanks for the assist.