bandsaw blades from hell

Hi guys wondering if any one can help me.

I own the AT2552B bandsaw and its amazing and I would like to start making bandsaw boxes ,I have the five blade set that I got when I ordered the bandsaw which is as follows Axcaliber Pack of 5 Bandsaw Blades - 2,552mm(100.1/2") | Axminster Tools

And my problem is that when sawing it not letting me do sharp turns’ and it’s just pulling on the blade when I turn ,And start to bend it ,i need a real thin blade and thinnest one i own is 3/8 ,I just check the stats on this saw and it can fit a 3 mm width blade yet its not on the axminster web page ? closes would be about 1/8 but cant seem to find that …Help !!!

You could try Tuff Saw Blades. I have one of their M42 bi-metal 1/4" blades in my Startrite 301S and it is very good. They are definately not the cheapest but they will last a lot longer than the average blade

I have been making bandsaw for a number of years now and I use a 1’4" 6 skip blade. It will do down to a 3/4" radius cut and a bit tighter if you run a diamond stone on the rear corners of the blade and just take the sharp corners off. In fact I only ever use a 1/4" 6 skip blade. I have found that it will do everything I want it to do from cutting dolls house glazing bars to cutting 6 or 7" oak bowl blanks

One thing that you need to remember is that when you are doing tight bands you MUST keep the blade cutting and moving forward of it will bind, even on fairly shallow curves.

I’d second tuffsaws. Very helpful and quality blades. Useful website as well:

I can’t speak for the Axminster saw as due to covid shortages the only one I could get was a RecordPower from Yandles. Unfortunately it will only take a 1/4” blade😒

This probably doesn’t answer your current question directly but I can highly recommend Axminster’s Premium band saw blades with their varying pitch, Axcaliber Premium Bandsaw Blades | Axminster Tools. They are essentially metal cutting blades but in a band saw they run at a lower speed than they were designed for. So if you hit a screw or nail etc in your work it won’t be affected. I believe they are well worth the little extra and the cutting finish is good too. They don’t recommend using them to cut ferrous metals though in a band saw because of the slower speeds.

I buy various blade sizes (width and teeth not length), from different manufacturers. I have found the Axminster blades quite good.

You can only cut in a straight line. If you try to cut in a curve, you will off set the teeth and ruin the blade quickly.

For cutting circles, use a narrow blade with small teeth. Also cut your circles in each direction, to keep the teeth set correct.