Bandsaw ruler scale

Hi I’ve just purchased a used Axminster industrial bandsaw, my ? Is why is the measurement scale not in line with the blade, I have looked at other photos and bandsaws and they all seem to be the same. I believe the measurement scale is factory fitted so there may be a valid reason to this or is it just me

I don’t have that machine but it looks as though the rulers supporting frame has slots in it where the frame’s fixing screws locate into the table.

Is there not enough play in these slots to realign the ruler with the blade?

This is how I adjust mine but from new the ruler wasn’t attached, I had to peel off the sticky backing protection before locating it. Maybe the previous own fixed it in the wrong place.

If it’s an Axminster machine try contacting the Axminster Tools Customer Services help desk to see if this is the case. There are links to this at the top of the web page. If you can’t get it off without damaging the ruler to relocate it then these flexible sticky back rulers are great. The scale on my Perform CCBB bandsaw’s ruler was not that clear and I only work in metric so these are better than the original.

This is the L/H version but they also sell in R/H versions too.

I also use these when I need them for when making up jigs. Although I have since bought some L/H, R/H and centred L&R/H ones from Lidl at a fraction of the price.

Of coarse you could always enlarge the fixing slots in the ruler’s supporting frame.

Normally it reads to the right of the blade because that’s where the window for setting the fence is. Put your fence on and put the fence against the blade and you’ll probably find your fence is reading zero.