Beat The Boredom | Woodworking Projects For Young and Older Kids

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Stuck at home with the kids? Looking for something fun to do? We have the answer with our online Beat the Boredom Series. A great way to get the children involved in a variety of woodworking projects, our weekly How To articles will include easy-to-follow projects for both young and older kids.

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We tried out the ‘beat the boredom’ project as described, we had great fun making a heart picture.

The finished project!

We all had fun making this one and made a few others.

Patrick Caldwell, North Yorkshire

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My little girl was keen to ensure that you all realised she was involved in significantly more than just the prettying up bit at the end with the wool:

Here she is happily smashing in the nails with a stubby hammer!


Can I suggest that Paddy Caldwell ensures his daughter wears a pair of safety glasses with appropriate impact rating and also give her a ball pein hammer . Both of these will help reduce the damage if they hit themselves in the face. With short arms and bodies children get much closer to the back of the hammer when they lift it. We don’t want children to end up with a serious eye injury or losing an eye while doing this.

A pair of pliers to hold the nail while being hit would also reduce the risk of them hitting their fingers

Good for her Paddy, an engineer in the making.

Hi, my daughter, age 11 got this idea for a tea light holder off the net somewhere. She traced the logo on the can with a needle. I am sure you will agree the results are very effective.

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Second image

Hi, Using our creative skills to turn off cuts into a neat utility room tidy!!

Kids did some controlled hold of the drill, gluing, sanding and then treating with olive oil. Kept them entertained for a morning and they are dead chuffed with the result!

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Here’s my 8yr old son helping me move our garden fence.
We had to dismantle it carefully and both he and my 7yr old daughter helped rebuild it at the bottom of the garden.
Fortunately they both love using power tools. With appropriate PPE of course :wink:
Now they have a much larger space to play and be creative in.

Used your great plans for swords and shields (slightly modified) to make some entertainment for my god children. They are very happy, parents…

Not so much! Thanks for the ideas.

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The problem with having multiple god-children who like violence!!

I had to make a set for them. Everyone happy!

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Found a few spare strips of Iroko in the garage and saw the planter tutorial. :thinking:
Made a few tweaks to match what I had. :+1: pleasing result.
Layla enjoyed helping to add the finishing coats of oil… (in the garage but wanted to pose outside…)