Blades get dirty

I have a 345mm table saw and a 245mm mitre saw. I was cutting some 45x74 mm stock using both machines. I noticed the table saw blade had a lot of residue on the cutting face of the teeth, while the mitre saw blade was clean. The only difference is I used the table saw to cut some tennons (trapped wood). The saw still cuts properly with no smoke or noticeable heat however there was a strong smell of burning wood but no burning on the wood itself. I’m guessing this is the residue on the blade. I will re-sharpen the blade making sure the face of the teeth are as smooth as possible. Any one else experience this?

It’s possible you hit a pocket of resin; which stuck to the teeth. Try some cooker cleaner spray on the blade; I find that’s pretty good at breaking down residue; you might find it doesn’t need to be resharpened.

There are a few possible factors for this.

  1. a difference in the speed of the blades could be the reason you have residue on one blade & not the other.
  2. are you cross cutting on one & cutting long the grain on the table saw to make tenons ? I could be that when the wood is de stressing from the tenon cut, it’s creating a tight binding with the blade.
  3. if you are using a fence or a guide on the table saw, if it is not perfectly parallel to the blade, it will almost always cause the effect you mention due to binding with the blade.

Hope this helps!

Having cleaned the teeth as suggested above there are sprays available intended to stop the resin sticking shavings to router bits that may help.