Blockboard supply

Can anyone tell me if Blockboard is still available and if so where can I obtain some. I am based in Kent.

Have not seen any new for over 40 years,sorry. My dad used a lot of blockboard back then.
I think veneered MDF replaced the many uses for it!

The only use I have seen recently of this type of board is in solid fire doors.

Thanks for that. I thought I wasn’t alone in thinking it had gone out of fashion.

Here - but at the price you could use Birch plywood and get a better result.

Back in the day when I used quite a lot of blockboard there were often quite large voids where the infill timber wasn’t matched up - if stuff was edged that wasn’t a problem.

Thanks Robgul, Yes I remember the voids back in the day but thought it might have improved by now. I think I will take your advise and use Birch ply.

The best board of it’s type was ‘laminboard’ where the pine sections were only around 6mm wide (if I recollect) but it was hideously expensive even then.