Bricklayer turned Woodturner

Hi everyone… I’ve just got my self a lathe, tools etc. I’m brand new to woodturning, i was wondering, is there any local clubs around Euxton area or close by…I’ve realised very quickly there’s lots to learn, especially for a former bricklayer…

Just ‘Google’ “Woodturning Club near Euxton” and check out the results.
Also look for courses with a professional - not cheap but concentrated input will get you safely on the way to turning on your own. Beware Youtube - not all the demonstrators use safe practices.
Happy turning, Philip.

Thanks Phillip i’ll have a look. I’ve been on YouTube, most are just showing off with no real guidance as you say. In the meantime it’s practice, practice, practice.

This is a good start

A different kind of club online. Woodturning 360…(WT360). Two professionals, live demos and monthly meetings held on zoom.

Worth a look

PS colwin way of axminster does two 60min live demos on you tube…skillcenter tour home (on Tuesdays) and Thursday turning. Superb especially for beginners


Hi Everyone

Thanks for the help and guidance, it’s very welcome.