C Jaws SK100 smaller internal diameter

Hi, relatively new wood turner. I purchased SK 100 pack & recently tried to turn a small oak blank. I thought the size of recess/mortice was to big for blank diameter. Anyhoo this blew out after an internal catch.

Is there anything that would give me a smaller diameter mortice that fits the chuck?

Kind Regards

Search the Axminster website and you will find a wide range of “jaws” to fit the SK100 chuck covering an extensive range of spigot/dovetail sizes.
The O’Donnell jaws appear expensive, but check out the range of sizes they cover, the ease of changing the size and the fact that they set the smaller workpiece away from the body of the chuck.
Visit a store to get good advice and hands on the product.
Join your local Woodturning Club to get advice on all topics.
Happy shopping and even better turning times.

2s up for the O’Donnell jaws. I bought the set that Axy used to do. I am not sure if they do the set now though. They are the base jaws with 2 separate smaller sets of jaws that bolt inside the base jaws. They cover a very good range down to very small.

I have just had a look at the site and they are still there. A bit expensive, but I rarely use any of the other jaws I have and for me well worth the money.

I bought my K10 chuck about 20 or so years back before the extra letters/numbers appeared and got the jaw set about the same time. Still going strong and well and about the only time they come off the chuck is when I need to use my Cole jaw set. 10/10 for me.


Thanks for the replies. I’ve ordered the 80 C Jawa initially as I need to practice my bowl turning etc before moving onto smaller detailed pieces.

The C jaws in the SK 100 kit were just to big for the small oak blank I was using. I spoke to Axminster as suggested.

I do appreciate your advice and once the money tree throws some more fruit off I may look at the O’Donnell jaws.

Kind Regards