CH18F Drill Press speed table

I have an Axminster CH18 F floor standing drill press that I bought in 1994!

It has a metal plate on the front that shows the correct position of the 2 pulley belts across the 3 stepped pulley wheels in order to give a particular speed. Unfortunately it has faded to become illegible and I can no longer work out how to arrange the belts to get a particular speed. Technical support can offer no help and the table is NOT reproduced in the manual so I am stuck!

Does anyone have one of these drills with a legible pulley/speed table that they could please photograph or type in for me?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


I did a quick google for ch18f .pdf which came up as a woodman…there were a few websites with information so maybe the belt settings are mentioned. Good luck

You should be able to calculate quite easily if you know the motor speed. I.e. motor speed 1200 rpm motor shaft pulley 2" dia, quil shaft pulley 4" dia = 600 rpm. 2" motor shaft pulley, 1" quill shaft pulley = 1200 rpm. Hope this helps. Mike

Sorry typo error, that last speed should 2400 rpm

Hi Paul,

I did a quick search and found an old Gumtree ad for your drill press with some good photos.#

Is this what you’re looking for?

Kind regards


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Chris, you are an absolute star! That’s exactly what I wanted and couldn’t find despite intense searching.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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