Chisel Renovation

Hi all. I have a set of quite old but useable Stanley wood chisels. From storage they have a very slight rust coating and 2 of them will need a sharpen. Can people suggest my course of action to restore them and any tools or gadgets needed? Cheers.

Very slight rust can be removed with 0000grade wire wool, lubricated with a smear of oil. You could also use very fine wet & dry paper, available in an incredible variety of grits. I’d suggest maybe 1500g or even something finer. If you use too coarse a medium, you’re liable to leave a visible scratch pattern behind which you then may subsequently want to remove.

Sharpening depends on your experience, how badly the edges are damaged as well as how much ‘folding’ you want to throw at it!

Thank you! Unfortunately one got damaged when somebody who borrowed it (never again) ran into a nail. I’ll maybe grind it out on a wheel then on a stone.