Chuck Sizes can I reduce/increase

Being new is becoming expensive. I have a Sealey SM1308, it only came with a faceplate and no chuck.
Bought a chuck thinking one size fits all. Found out it does not.
Question: I have bought a M33 chuck, it appears that I have a 3/4" width male threat x 16 TPI. It appears also from my research that I have infact a M20?

Is there such a thing that will reduce my M33 down to a M20 and save me a lot of money.

Regards to all

Hello, it is a massive learning curve, when you are not from an engineering background!

I made the same types of purchases!

You can buy lots of different collars / convertor S, in many sizes. Most of mine are converting 3/4 x 16 to M33. They cost about £20, but that is cheaper than a new chuck!

I would call Axminster for some advice. They are brilliant.

Thank you for your support in answering the question. My appologies to the group I noticed the matter had been asked and answered earlier. As for help, I was completely surprised when someone from Axminister phoned me and talked me through the purchase, which should be here tomorrow.

Hi, my lathe also has an M20 x 1.5 thread on the drive spindle. You need to buy an insert to fit your chuck. The insert will have a female end and thread to fit your spindle and the male end will fit your chuck. If Axminster can’t help look at woodturning suppliers on line.

Glad to see that you have sorted out your original problem, and can only agree that starting out with a new hobby can be an expensive business. Before you spend any more money I would advise you to find a local Woodturning Club - where you can talk to experienced turners and get help with the way forward and equipment that you may need/like to have. Even in these Covid19 restricted times many Clubs are ‘meeting’ via the internet and some have mentoring schemes which you could join and enjoy guidance from an experienced person.
Happy turning, Philip.

Thank you for that. My grandson has shown me the wonders of Utube.


That is good, but a Club is better. Many YouTube postings are excellent but there are a similar number which are not to be recommended. As a beginner you will have difficulty separating them - so I still recommend finding a Club.
Be safe and enjoy your turning. Philip. may help