Coping sled question ( UKJ )

Hello everyone,

I’m interested in buying the UKJ coping sled to help me with routing small workpieces.

My router table is a Trend CRT / MK3 model. Does anyone know if the runner on the UKJ sled is compatible with the inset track on my particular router table?

Struggling to find the answer to this!

Many thanks,


I’d be amazed if it wasn’t; both have a standard slot:


You may find that you need a router collet extension - I did - when using the coping sled. The Axminster one is not the cheapest, but is very solidly and well made.

I have the Trend pushblock/4,it’s easy to set up and use,it doesn’t use the t slot,I just run it along the fence.

Thanks all for helpful replies, much appreciated.