Coronet The "Major" Lathe

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I have recently acquired a “new” lathe ,the Major, from Coronet it’s well used and did not come with very much. i have been trying to find out the threading size as looking at getting a faceplate and even maybe a chuck. Any help would be most appreciated


I have a Coronet Major with many accessories. I recently made a saw table sled for mine. The early lathes had a 7/8"×16tpi thread but I believe they changed it on later productions and I don’t know what too. Nobody makes chucks now that fit that headstock, Axminster Tools use to but stopped several years ago. I found it really difficult to find a chuck with that thread and had an open search on ebay for a long time before I eventually found one. Thread adapters are available on ebay though, coronet major lathe Adapter | eBay.

I’ll try and put some photos together and scan some documentation for you next week for you if you want it.

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Ah Fantastic yeah seems mine is a 7/8"x16. so i’ll grab an adaptor.

i have been looking into bowl turning think there is an tool rest thing that goes on the front as well which i am trying to find

Edthewod’s listing on ebay says he has a lot of Coronet spares. Here’s his tool rest for bowls. You have the bracket on the front of the machine so all you would need is the support, Coronet Lathes | eBay. Ed says in his description to contact him for additional spares. Ed’s the person who is also selling the adapter in the ebay link I gave you in my first reply. All threads on the Coronet are BSW.

Hi Alec, you may find a brochure that my dad had who I inherited my machine from. I’ve scanned it in as a PDF document but it’s 36MB and that’s after reducing it in size after scanning from it’s 84MB, too big to post here. I’ll message you to find an alternative method to send it to you.

Front Page

yes that is correct. i have contacted them to see what they have.

you have been supremely helpful here

Lots of information available here:

My browser says your website is not secure and won’t allow me to connect to it. This is probably because the first characters of your web address are http and not https, the “s” indicating it is a secure website.

Strange. I’ve never had a problem viewing that site. Maybe do a Google search for and see what happens?

Just found this interesting website about these machines,