Could someone help please

My brother-in-law, who was a keen wood turner, has recently died and along with his vast collection of tools there were some very specific to his hobby which he bought from Axminster Tools. I am completely out of my depth in this area and would very much like some help from those who know in selling these items to those who would use and appreciate them. They are specifically an Axminster Trade Series AT1628 lathe with legs and a collection of wood turning chisels and gouges. The lathe comes with a collection of chucks, dust extraction system and various add ons whose function I can only guess at. If someone can guide me on disposing of these I would be most grateful. I can give a full list of the chisels etc if requested.
Thank you.

Paul Firminger

Hello Paul - I have the same lathe and it’s an excellent bit of kit; you will have no difficulty in disposing of it as they very rarely come up for sale second hand, so you could expect a very good price. The same goes for the Axminster accessories to fit the lathe; my advice would be not to try and sell them for at ‘rock bottom’ prices.
The normal pricing structure for good quality tools in sound condition is to offer them for sale at around 3/4 to 2/3 full retail, which may or may not include postage and packing. The lathe will certainly have to collected or shipped to the buyer as it’s a very heavy cast iron beast!
If you are able to upload pics of the items onto this forum (very easy by the way) someone will be able to identify them or may even purchase them. The other alternative is to create an account with UKWorkshop (an online forum) who have a very active turning section. Another way which may be better is to find out where your local turning club is and contact them. Members are usually a pretty safe bet for decent turning gear.

Thank you very much Woodbloke. You have made me feel a lot more hopeful. I will take some photos of the lathe and it’s various accessories and post them here in the first instance. I will also add a list of the various chisel gouges etc.
Once again. many thanks for your help.


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Hi Paul,
I am sorry to hear of the passing of your brother and hope that time is allowing you to come to terms with the situation.

I am at the start of my woodturning journey and looking to purchase a quality well loved second hand lathe and associated tools.

Could you send me a some pictures of the Lathe and tools that you have.

Kind Regards