Creating a domed end on dowel?


I am trying to find a tool for creating a domed end on dowel. Between 2cm and 2.5cm. That doesn’t require a lathe. There must be something? The nearest I’ve found are de-burring attachments for drills for metal or plastic pipes etc.

Sorry - I’m an amateur just playing around so probably using the wrong terms.

Thanks for any help. Colin

@ColinTalbot For creating end on dowel without a lathe, you might want to explore sanding techniques using a sanding block or paper. Alternatively, a rotary tool with sanding attachments could also help achieve the desired effect

These are probably more expensive than you want to pay. I use these Veritas Tenon Cutter’s to make round tenons when making green wood chairs but they can also cut a quick neat bevel on the end of a dowel. I realise it’s not a dome but it close to it.

Thank you. That is very helpful. At least I know these exist! Colin

The easiest way is to stick a bit of sandpaper (say 150grit) to the bench with some tape, then put the offending dowel into a cordless drill. It can then be easily spun in said drill to form a chamfered end or even a domed one if so required.

Thanks. Interesting idea. But these are 1 inch dowels. How do you get something that will hold them with a drill bit. I’ve tried searching but can’t an attachment that would do that? But thanks - I am doing some by hand.