Designing / Building a Centrifugal Fan and Dust Removal Cyclone

I’ve watched a number of videos on YouTube concerning the making of DIY dust removal systems, employing a centrifugal fan and cyclone to remove dust and chips from woodworking machines. Given the Costs associated with buying ready-made dust collection systems, and having a few motors at my disposal (from old disassembled 240v woodworking machines), I am now in the process of designing the centrifugal fan on my drawing board, and will be experimenting with a prototype build of the fan extractor and cyclone in the near future…

Are there any people out there who have experience of building a DIY dust collection system - in particular a centrifugal fan and cyclone unit…?? I would interested in hearing your experiences with them.


Hi Stu,

Unfortunately I haven’t any experience in building one but I’m in the same boat as you, i’ve watched a lot of clips and how-to’s and i’m Interested in building one for myself in the near future.

Hopefully I should get the keys to my new house (and workshop!) by the end of the month, so after a few months of settling in I will be looking to start one for myself. I’ll let you know if I do, and in the meantime any tips or updates on yours would be appreciated, and of course anyone else that has any experience with this.

Hi All.

I have just dismanteled an old woodchip/dust extractor system, and currently still have the six blade

impeller, photo included. It’s 11.5 inches across and has an allen screw which connected it to the motor shaft.

If anyone is interested, and lives not too far form Watford Herts: they would be most welcome to it!!

If you’d need more data, let me know and I’ll measure the shaft hole width/depth etc.


Hi, Barry… I would certainly be interested in getting this if you still have it… I know Watford, I was actaully born and raised in Abbots Langley, and went to Langleybury… If you cvan hold onto it, I’ll let you know when I’m up that way next, and we can have a pint too… :smile: Let me know… and Thanks…

Hi Stu.

Yes I can, and will hold on to it:

Just let me know when it’s convenient for you to collect.
My e-mail is

Talk soon

Hi Stu. Nearly a month, no contact…did you still want me to hod on to the impeller?


Hi, Barry.

Yes please, I have been a bit busy, so probably will manage to get up your way in May if that’s OK… let me know, if you don’t want to hold on to it for so long, I’ll, understand…

Hi Stu.

Sorry I wasn’t notified this mail was replied to!
Anyway no worries, as long as I know your still interested.


Barry - Have emailed you - re collecting the fan



Well I left the fan out as detailed, and two days later it’s still there!

Are you still going to collect or should I just bin it?

No word from you either way!!