DeWalt DW1150 Drive belts

Hi all, this is my first post on here and I’m going to apologise upfront but it’s not about an Axminster product, However, this is the most woodworkers with machines I can ask.
I have recently got myself a secondhand DeWalt DW1150 jointer/thicknesser, really good machine and cast iron. But unfortunately due to their age not many parts are readily available, so hopefully one you wonderful woodworkers may have the dimensions of the drive belts for this machine? I know one is a V and one is toothed, but that’s all.

Thanks in advance.

Some seem to still be available online if you search but beware the single phase & 3 phase belts are different. The manual is also available on-line which lists the spare parts but no details of dimensions.

An option is to remove the belts and take them to a local V belt specialist who should be able to measure them and find an equivalent if they exist.

Have you tried De-Walt help desk ? they may have the dimensions if they no longer supply the spares.

Thankyou for the reply, I have the manual, but like you say it doesn’t help much nowadays. Have you found them online, and could you post a link please? I’ve tried searching but about thirty different belts come up, and Amazon or eBay and sites like that just bring up any old belt with DeWalt name attached to it so they can never be trusted. I’ll end up using some old stocking or something, if they’ll run a car they’ll run a jointer lol

There is a V-belt which is made of small segments held together with double headed pins - making the belt adjustable to any desired length by adding/removing segments. Can’t remember its name but I’m sure Google will find it for you.
Unable to offer any more than JM regarding the toothed belt.
Like bandsaw blades, belts come in all sorts of sizes and you should be able to find one to suit your needs - even if you have to have it made.
Best wishes, Philip.