DeWalt Flexvolt DHS780 Mitre Saw

Anyone seen one of these battery powered DeWalt saws in action? Are they quieter powered by a battery? And do they really have the power of corded? The appeal of no wires is great but I’m still sceptical.

It amazes me how quickly Li-Ion battery technology has evolved in the last few years. I remember when 12V NiMH was impressive!

Just had the go ahead with work to purchase a new mitre saw, looked at cordless versions as the appeal of no trip hazards in the workshop appealed, went for a corded version in the end, what swung it for me was the ability to plug into an extracter with power take off whereby you couldn’t do that with a battery version

Which corded saw did you go for @Larabara? Was there much to consider once you’d decided on corded?

Hi Dave, In the end I went for the Bosch GCM 8SL with the stand, I didn’t need anything too big as I also have a 3 phase Sedgwick radial arm saw so the 216mm blade was ample.
The main problem I found was finding one in 110volt without upping the budget